Moving Out: Deadline to leave for Douglas County mobile home park residents

Moving Out: Deadline to leave for Douglas County mobile home park residents
Moving Out: Deadline to leave for Douglas County mobile home park residents(CBS 3 Duluth)
Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 4:56 PM CDT
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PARKLAND, WI. (CBS 3 Duluth) - August 15, 2022 marks the move-out deadline for residents of a Douglas County mobile home park.

As CBS 3 Duluth reported two weeks ago, people living at the Country Acres Mobile Home Park had until August 15 to move off the property and take their trailers with them.

But for homeowner Jennifer Wicklund, this summer has been extremely difficult.

“I’m very stressed, very filled with anxiety,” said Jennifer Wicklund, a homeowner at Country Acres.

She owns a trailer in the mobile home park, but it will only be her home for a few more days.

“I thought I was going to live here, at least forever,” said Wicklund.

She’s invested time and money fixing up the trailer.

But now she’s moving because Douglas County recently took ownership of Country Acres and they’re closing it down.

According to county officials, the previous owner of the mobile home park didn’t pay property taxes and created unsafe living conditions for some residents.

Some people were able to move their mobile homes to a new location, but Wicklund said for her that’s not an option, due to her trailer’s condition.

According to Wicklund, she found out in June that she’d have to be out by August 1, 2022.

The county extended that deadline to August 15, but she’s still in the process of securing housing.

“I had to ask the county clerk for more time because the place that I’m going to move into isn’t ready yet for me,” said Wicklund.

While she’s now found a new place to live, she can’t move in until at least next month, so she’s staying put for the time being.

Wicklund said with the housing market right now, an affordable place was hard to find on a tight timeline.

And on top of that, she’ll be losing all the sweat equity she’s put into her trailer.

“The only compensation I’m going to probably get is if somebody is buying my appliances,” Wicklund said. “It’s horrible. It’s really still just devastating.”

CBS 3 Duluth reached out to Douglas County officials for comment.

They said they are hoping to avoid evicting people and ask that any residents who are still trying to secure housing get in touch with them.

As for the future of the land, county officials said a committee will decide that sometime down the line.

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