Eye on Lifestyle: Addressing workplace bullying

Published: Jun. 1, 2022 at 8:15 AM CDT
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DULUTH, MN. (CBS 3 Duluth) - We often talk about bullying in schools and with kids. However, the topic is just as important to address, believe it or not, with adults in the workplace.

In this week’s Eye on Lifestyle segment, Nikki Karnowski of Metamorphosis Coaching, Consulting, and Training joined Natalie Grant on CBS 3 This Morning to share more about addressing workplace bullying.

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, nearly half of all American workers are subjected to workplace bullying at some time in their careers. That number may be higher with unreported cases.

Karnowski says some workplace bullying signs to look out for include:

-Intentionally excluding you from meetings or other important communication or conversations

-Spreading gossip, rumors, lies, or false allegations about you

-Discrediting or humiliating you in front of others

-Unfair or excessive criticism

-Intentionally undermining or sabotaging your work

-Dismissing or downplaying your contributions (Taking credit for things you have done)

-Displaying a pattern of repeated negative non-verbals (eye-rolling, sighing, dirty looks)

-Excessively monitoring your work (or re-doing your work)

Karnowski says bullying is marked by intensity, duration, and frequency.

She also recommends the book Outwit the Workplace Bully by local author and speaker Dawn Johnson for more resources on combating this behavior in the workplace.

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