Chisholm community lends a hand after weekend snowfall

Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 8:18 PM CST
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CHISHOLM, MN. (CBS 3 DULUTH) - The sound of shovels and snowblowers echoed down the streets of Chisholm Monday as Iron Rangers continued to dig themselves out of this weekend’s storm.

Butch Gentilini has lived in Chisholm his whole life.

He has seen a snowstorm or two over the years but wasn’t expecting this much snow so early in the winter.

“I was expecting a little bit of snow, but it just kept coming and coming,” said Gentilini. “I looked out the window in the morning and was like holy cripe! The dog couldn’t even get out the back door!”

The Chisholm area reported just about one foot of snow over the weekend, one of the top accumulations in the Northland.

Gentilini said it’s a community effort to take on a northern Minnesota winter and everyone steps up.

“We take care of each other pretty good,” said Gentilini. “Whoever is out snow blowing does the whole sidewalk up and down, and if someone is having a hard time we go and help them.”

Lending a hand or a shovel as the Northland officially enters into the winter season.

Despite the snowfall, Chisholm schools stayed open for in-person classes Monday.

Some other districts around the region either canceled or delayed their start.

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