For the second time in less than a month, a high profile political figure stumped in Duluth on behalf of a candidate for elected office.

"Being with Keith, here in Duluth, is kind of a bittersweet moment because the bad news is that the United States Congress is going to be losing one of the great progressive leaders in the country," said Senator Bernie Sanders - I, Vermont.

Sen. Sanders recently endorsed Congressman Keith Ellison to be Attorney General of Minnesota. The seat is set to open up, as current Attorney General, Lori Swanson is running for governor of Minnesota, with Congressman Rick Nolan. 

"If you are doing the right thing, you're going to have somebody that is going to help you stay doing the right thing. That is my goal as Attorney General," said Congressman Ellison, (D) - District 5.  

Ellison is a civil rights lawyer and is serving his 6th term in Congress. He has vowed to raise Minnesota's minimum wage, work for the working class, fight for women's rights, and immigrants. 

"Beyond the duties of the attorney general, as a statewide officeholder, I'm going to be lifting people up together, not dividing them," said Ellison.  

Ellison's time on the podium was interrupted by one spectator, who asked Ellison's stance on Enbridge PolyMet and other controversial Minnesota projects. 

"I believe very, very firmly, that no matter what we do today, if what we do, ruins our future, then it's not something that we should do," said Ellison.

Sander's only spoke briefly in support of the congressman and his policies... 

"Minnesota is going to get one of the great attorney generals in the United States of America," said Sanders, "Who has the history and the courage to stand up to powerful special interest, and represent the working families of this state," he said. 

Instead, the senator spent the majority of the time blasting President Trump for his tax laws, immigration stance and much more that the Senator disagrees with. 

Sanders said, "It is not only the president's behavior, and his temperament, it is the fact that on issue after issue, he has betrayed the working people of this country that he promised to defend during his campaign." 

Sanders finished by telling the crowd if they agreed with his feelings regarding President Trump's policies, they should vote for Ellison and start a blue wave across the nation. 

"We are making progress in opening up the doors of the Democratic party, of making the Democratic party a 50 state party. fighting in every state in this country," he said. 

Ellison is one of nine candidates running for Minnesota's attorney general.  

On the Democratic side, he joins DFL-Party-endorsed candidate Matt Pelikan, Debra Hilstrom, Mike Rothman and Tom Foley. 

On the Republican side is Doug Wardlow, Robert Lessard, and Sharon Anderson.

Noah Johnson is running with a grassroots party.