The Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services commented on his agency coming under fire for reportedly losing 1,500 undocumented and unaccompanied children in May.

When asked during our interview on Friday, Hargan said the children were not lost, but unreachable.

Hargan said  Health and Human Services is complying with a court order and the law to place undocumented children back with parents and not someone who could harm them. 
The Deputy Secretary says children are placed with sponsors and Health and Human Services give follow up calls 30 days after the reunion to see if they need more services. Hargan says sometimes sponsors respond but sometimes they don't.  

"We don't sort of bring them in and we don't operate a police force at Health and Human Services that sort of brings them back in or anything like that we're just trying to reach out to see if they need any more services a lot of times they don't answer the phone uh and that's that's what happens when they're sort of no longer in our system," said Hargan.

There are 100 shelters in 17 states where the Health and Human Services provides for children who come across the border. A deadline to reunite the youngest migrant children separated from their parents has come and gone.