Thomas Duffy is 84 years old has been a lawyer for 55 years and is the proud father of 11 children, and several grandchildren. This year he's running the

Garry Bjorkland half marathon making him one of the oldest running the race.

You just kind of shake your head and say: This old man. What's he doing here? How can he run so slow? Well, you keep doing it. And I enjoy doing it. And I do the best I can," Thomas Duffy says. 

He says now that his children are grown like his son District 7 Representative Sean Duffy, he has a lot more free time on his hands.
"The biggest thing is, the point is, you just can't sit and do nothing. You just can't sit and not move," Duffy says.

Duffy is no stranger to a marathon either  having competed in several races around the world, including ski races.

"And you have to enjoy each one. In the winter time I enjoy to ski. In the summer time I enjoy to run, and to swim. So if you enjoy what you do it's not work. It's like this work- my job. If you enjoy it, I look forward to coming to work," Duffy says.

To prepare for this year's half marathon he says he trained with his wife who he also says is a great cook and helps him maintain a good, healthy diet. 

He says one of the best parts about being in a race is getting to know fellow racers

"Just the people. The runners. I like to engage who I'm running with. Ask them where they are from. They all have a story. They all have a story to tell," Duffy says.

Thomas has a life time pass for the Garry Bjorkland half marathon and plans to run it again next year.