A 40-kilowatt solar array being installed at one of UMD's campus apartment buildings will soon allow the school to produce three times as much solar energy as it is now. 

The array is being installed at the Aspen Building, which is in the Oakland Apartment Complex. 

The array, funded by student service fees and other funds at UMD, has been worked on by students for the past three years.

School officials say they've worked to find sites for future solar installations, and have also gathered resources, contractors, community experts, and the university's management team over the past three years.

"Something we have been talking about for a long time but until it's actually happening its just an idea, but today makes it real and once its actually producing we'll be able to track it and see how much production is happening really see that solar can produce energy on campus," said UMD Engineering graduate Bailee Coughlin.

This will be the first UMD residence to have solar power, and the array will be six times larger than the solar array on top of Malosky Stadium.

The installation is expected to be finished sometime next week.