UPDATE: We hear from the Cloquet Superintendent after police arrest a man who allegedly made a threat of violence in the Cloquet area on social media.

Police say they received reports of a threat on Monday evening.

The threat consisted of committing a "mass homicide" at an unspecified location in Cloquet.

On Tuesday morning, officers from both the Fond du Lac and Cloquet Police Departments found the suspect in a home on the Fond du Lac Reservation. 

An 18-year-old male was arrested after a brief confrontation with those in the home. They said they found no weapons.

After what they called a long night, many Cloquet parents like, Thomas Olson and Cassandra Davis said they decided to keep their children at home Tuesday after seeing a vague threat on Facebook late Monday night.

"I tried to notify every parent friend that I knew personally," Davis said.

But they said an official heads up didn't come until the next morning.

"We got a message from the district at around 7:50 saying that they were on lockdown and that there was a threat," Olson said. "And less than 10 minutes later there was another."

Within minutes the Cloquet school district called again to say police arrested the suspect and no one was hurt.

"How did so many of us in the community know six, seven hours prior?" Davis asked. "Why did it take so long to do something?"

According to the Cloquet Superintendent Ken Scarbrough, police first told him as he was on his way to the office. 

Then he said he called the schools, which went on lockdown just as buses arrived for the morning.

Cloquet Police said they called as a courtesy given the suspect's age, but because nothing in the threat specifically mentioned schools, they didn't see an immediate danger.

"So if the notifications can be improved, we'll certainly want to do that but I don't blame anybody for lack of notification or communications," Scarbrough said. "I think everybody was very intent in solving the problem that was in front of them."

After the all clear call, both Davis and Olson they were relieved, but not quite ready to take their kids back to school.

"I just wanted to be sure," Olson said. "One day out of school isn't gonna hurt 'em."

For Davis, with her oldest child just eight years old, she it's said it's getting harder to watch her son head to school.

"If I'm scared I can't imagine how he feels," she said.

Cloquet schools are no longer on lock down after a "general threat to the Cloquet community" was made on social media.

According to Superintendent Ken Scarbrough, "the suspect who was being sought by the police has been caught. Our schools are no longer in lockdown."

The schools planned to lock their doors as students arrived on campus Tuesday morning, before the suspect was caught. 

Scarbrough said the district worked with Cloquet police on this investigation.

There is no word on the legitimacy of the threat or if the person who made the threat is a student.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.