Sauk Rapids, MN -In central Minnesota, shocking violence Monday inside an elementary school.

Police say an 8-year-old came to school with a knife and attacked three other students.

It happened Monday morning in Sauk Rapids just before classes started.

Police say the child came into the school and attacked an eight, nine and 13-year-old.

Two were taken to the hospital and got stitches.

No one was seriously hurt.

Police say they questioned the child responsible, but wouldn't say anything about potential charges.

Because it happened before school, classes went on as scheduled, and the district sent an email to parents later in the day.

"I was pretty shaken up. I got the email and I initially as a parent started crying because it gets you when your child is involved. It was really shocking," said Nadine Feia.

Her child goes to the school.

Police say there's not much more to investigate and they don't expect the boy's parents to be charged.

The school said they have mental health professionals on site to help those in need.