Ashland, Wisconsin is digging itself out after blizzard conditions dumped more than a foot of snow on the city, shutting down part of its main highway.

Speaking for perhaps all of Ashland, Paula Maday said this wasn't how she pictured spring.

"Our morning has been a lot of work," she said.

After nearly 16 inches fell in 24 hours, Maday and the rest of Ashland has come to accept the calendar can't keep the snow at bay.

"It was like we were standing in the middle of snow globe and someone shook it up and it was just swirling snow everywhere," she said.

Those were not ideal conditions for drivers or plows, so Ashland County Sheriff Mick Brennan says, just like the season's first storm in October.

"Heavy snow across blowing across the highway. The highway crews were having a tough time keeping it open so they shut it down," he said.

Once the wind died down, crews from Ashland and Bayfield Counties were able to clear the bay front section of Highway 2 earlier Monday morning.

Still, with no one hurt and eight total accidents in the city limits, Sheriff Brennan said the storm was milder than he expected.

Maday agrees, there are worse things than an April blizzard.

"Enjoy the sunshine but we won't be far behind ya," she said.

She said between the piles of white, sees a silver lining.

"We're actually moving soon to a house with a much shorter driveway," she said.