Maslowski Beach in Ashland has a new artesian well.

This about 1 year after the DNR said the city needed to update their old well. 

The now free flowing tap was shut down in 2015 due to concerns about the proximity of the well casing to the lake, and how low the tap was to the ground.

After doing a community campaign and raising over 30,000 dollars, the well is back, and allowing visitors access to some of the highest quality water in the area. 

"We don't have to go down very far to get them, but it's water that hasn't seen the light of day in thousands of years. It's very good water, pretty much nothing is in it, it's just pure, really good quality water." Said Lisa Hudson, Director of Ashland Parks and Recreation. 

Hudson also said the wells are checked for contaminants regularly. 

There are over 15 Artesian wells in the Ashland area, all of which are free to access.