Sweden Sweets in Superior is getting a splash of color. The historic building donated its walls to the community.

Phantom Galleries applied for a grant from Wisconsin Arts a year ago to allow the creation of a community mural.

The gallery got the grant and the go-ahead earlier this year.

The community mural allows anyone to come and paint on the donated wall space.  Netahlia Walker-Wojtoff helped fill in the white gaps that people left behind.

This is her senior grad project for Superior High School.

Walker-Wojtoff's supervisor -- Phantom Galleries Director Alison Price, says its a great way to get all levels of the community involved.

"I love listening to all the stories that people share while they're working on the murals. You find out neighbors who haven't seen each other for a long time. Friends, relatives, strangers; they share stories about things related to art, things not related to art. It's a beautiful coming together of the community," said Price.

"I just kind of imagine popcorn in my head and what colors would be in it, like yellow butter and orange for cheese and everything," said Walker-Wojtoff.

Price says  community members paint everything on the bottom half of the wall and Phantom Galleries will paint the top portion.