On Monday, Wisconsin's Senator Janet Bewley made a special visit to Superior Douglas County Family YMCA.

Mary Almond is an aspiring boxer, and she's only eight years old.

Senator Bewley first heard about Almond when she was featured in the Daily Telegram and couldn't resist meeting her.

Almond, alongside YMCA instructors, was teaching a boxing class to other kids, and the senator also got involved.

When asked if Senator Bewley thinks Almond is the next great female boxer in the making, she said, "Absolutely! Right here in Superior and Duluth. I mean think about it... She's just one of our kids, one of us. And she learned how to get fit here in Superior at the Y, goes across the bridge and meets up with people who can train her how to box."

Senator Bewley says she was impressed with the YMCA's improvements they've made over the years and the opportunities available to the community.